If you’ve been following along with our livestreams on YouTube, you may have noticed I’ve been hanging out for our chats in our bedroom while our studio gets redone and the time has FINALLY come to show you a sneak peek of the new look.

Can you believe the little closet I was in turned into this? It was so fun to get to work on this and build a studio I am so proud of.

I know it’s easy to look at this kind of thing and think “Well yeah, I could do better on YouTube if I had ___________.”

This might look glamorous now, but I didn’t always have a fancy studio to film from. When I first got started on YouTube, I just filmed in my basement with what I had. 

Maybe you don’t know where to start when it comes to starting a business on YouTube. Where should you invest? What products should you create? How will you generate consistent revenue? How do you build a team? Should you even build a team?

It’s a lot.

That’s what today’s podcast is all about

I answer all your questions on business and how to make money on YouTube.

Not just easy money either.

But actual strategies on how to NOT waste your time and make a product your audience actually WANTS to buy.

Want all that plus the exact sales script I’ve used to generate a 7-figure business?

I actually created a free guide for you, with examples and 12 product ideas included, here.

It’s by far the most valuable thing I’ll ever give away. 

But I’m happy to if it helps you reach more people and change more lives.

Hope this helps! 

Hit reply and let me know how my team and I can help you today.

Keep changing lives,


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CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Kyle Easter worked hard to grow his YouTube channel by about 150 new subscribers per month, but after going through, “30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel,” and changing how he does his titles and thumbnails, he quickly grew to 750 new subscribers per month. Today he shares what those tweaks were that helped him grow.

Check out his channel, Jump 15, here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoN9wqjR-wr8-UjNskvVDKQ

Register for, “30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel,” here and learn how to unlock subscriber growth on your channel: https://videocreators.com/30days

PRODUCT TO PROFIT: Download my free guide, “Product to Profit,” to learn how to learn what product your audience actually WANTS to buy from you, how to test the idea, and then sell it on YouTube: https://videocreators.com/product-to-profit/

Moderator today: Maximalist Minibus https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI_LzjybqHKBJNK8IF7VYOA