I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve day today! My family and I are having a quiet Christmas week here at home. What are your plans for this week?

When things are quieter, it’s a nice time to reflect and plan things you normally don’t have time for when it’s busier.

I know, firsthand, how hard it can be to plan.

Maybe you’ve been on YouTube for a while. You put late night hours in to planning, filming, and editing your videos. You put your heart and soul into creating your content… all to hit ‘post’ and get 10 views on it.

It’s discouraging to say the least.

I want to help you avoid this cycle. I want to show you how to get YouTube to finally notice your videos – and how to work smarter, not harder.

It all starts with ACTIONABLE steps that you can start implementing today to start seeing results. Here are some areas you can begin to focus on to get YouTube to notice your videos and to grow your channel faster.

  1. Improve your CTR (click-through rate). There are tons of ways you can improve your CTR. We recommend first diving into your analytics. Look at what videos are getting the highest CTRs on your channel. What do these videos have in common? Also, notice your impressions and watch time your videos are getting. Take some time to notice what is hooking and holding your audience’s attention.
  2. Make your viewers watch longer. One of the keys to “winning” on YouTube is watch time. The longer your video’s watch time is, the more YouTube will surface your content on the platform. One of the things that has had the BIGGEST impact on our client’s watch time is how well they tell engaging stories. We have a whole playlist on how you can tell better stories here.
  3. Get your viewers to click and watch more. One of the things YouTube rewards over and over are videos that lead to longer viewing sessions. YouTube wants users to stay on the platform! If your video can lead viewers to another video, they’ll surface that content more than others. One way you can improve this is by increasing your “end screen elements shown”. If you can get users to click on the end screens at the end of your videos, you’re going to be on the road to YouTube noticing you fast!

If you still feel like you’re not sure how to accomplish these three things to get YouTube to notice your videos, listen to the rest of the podcast above.

Have a wonderful Christmas season!

Talk to you soon.

Keep changing lives,


Listen to the podcast where I talk you through the top analytics you should be tracking!

Check out the playlist mention on how to tell better stories!