If you want to know the best day to publish new videos to your YouTube channel, you can now use YouTube analytics to separate subscriber data from non-subscriber data. Take a look at your overall views to see when each group is most active on your channel and use that information to determine when the best day is for you to publish new videos to your YouTube channel.

YouTube recently added a new feature to YouTube analytics that let’s you discover the best day for posting new videos to your YouTube channel. I’m going to be showing exactly what that is and how to use it here coming up today.

Recently, YouTube added this new feature that lets you separate subscriber data from non-subscriber data inside your YouTube Analytics.

Subscriber Data and Non-Subscriber Date

Now, this is a really valuable for a lot of reasons. One, like I could see how the audience retention is for subscribers versus non-subscribers. I can see how non-subscribers are finding my content in the first place now that I can separate out all the data from the subscribers. It lets me see how YouTube interactive cards are performing and how subscribers are clicking on them versus how non-subscribers are clicking on them as I’m trying to integrate other content here into my videos and such.

Find When Viewers are Most Active

But perhaps one of the best tools for it is to see when subscribers and non-subscribers are most active on your YouTube channel. To do that here in your YouTube Analytics, come over to Views. And up here, change the date range. I’m going to go like past 90 days to kind of get a better sample size. And then here is where you can switch. I want to see just subscribed viewers. When are you guys the most active in viewing the channel?

So I can see that I have pretty defined spikes here. So all these ups, that’s Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, which is when I post new videos here. So So it looks like Thursdays are pretty much the best days for you guys, the subscribers, then to see when you’re the most active. So for you guys, reaching you on a Thursday is probably best, and then you’re pretty must gone during the weekend, which is all these low points.

But how about non-subscribed viewers? I can go up here. I’m going to change it to non-subscribe. And this is where I get to see how non-subscribers view. So the peaks here are actually weekends. So this is a Saturday, Sunday, Saturday, Sunday. All these peaks, especially the big ones up here, these are all Sunday. So you can see weekends work really well for me.

Use YouTube Analytics to Create New Content

So when I’m thinking about publishing a new series like I have coming up about how you guys can best integrate with brand deals and work with other companies that will have to pay you to feature their products and services in your videos, I’m trying to decide when is the best day of the week for me to publish that new video series. And I am actually going to opt for Sunday now that I know that non-subscribed viewers are very active on my channel here on the weekends.

My thinking is that since Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are already taken up with other series here my channel, it seems like Sunday’s the next best opportunity for me to publish this new series for you guys about brand deals, and then they see that my channel is very active because I have brand new content here. So I’m wondering if it’s going to help a lot of those non-subscribed viewers convert into subscribers because of that.

I’m going to run with this plan for about three months. Again, a lot of good data and analytics from YouTube so I can get a good picture of how it’s performing, and then maybe adjust the strategy going forward at that point. But that’s how I’m going to proceed right now. I would love to hear from you guys in the comments below. What metrics are you going to be looking at now that you can separate subscriber data from non-subscriber data, and what types of decisions and choices will it help you make on your channel?

I’m looking forward to learning from all of you guys down there below. And if this is your first time here, I would love to have you guys subscribe.