If you want YouTube to push out more of your content, the fastest way to do that is by creating and understanding the viewer journey.

Think about this like a customer journey (or funnel for you business people).

Today, one of our strategists, Lennon, is going to review one of our channel member’s channels to show you how to get the first steps of your viewer journey started.

Here’s what Lennon had to say.

The beginning of every viewer journey on YouTube looks like this:

  • Title and thumbnail
  • Beginning of the video (or hook)

Each element in the viewer journey serves a different purpose and plays a different role. Here are some important things to know about each.

  1. Titles. The title delivers the value of your video. Think about who you are creating for and WHY. What are you avoiding or gaining with the problem you are trying to solve? (i.e. If your video is about not feeling isolated, you’re solving someone’s problem of ____________. When someone watches your video, what will they now feel/experience?) Be specific about the problem you’re solving in your title.
  2. Thumbnails. These should tell the story of the title. You can think about thumbnails like a book or album cover. These should communicate visually what the title of the video is. You can add text to thumbnails, but we recommend no more than 4 words. You really want to really on visuals as the focal point here.
  3. Hook. This should be connected to the title and thumbnail. When someone sees your title and thumbnail, they click on it because they are promised some sort of value. If you take too long to deliver said value, your viewer will abandon the video. If you want to keep them engaged, an ideal hook presents the problem, talks about their pain points, and introduces the solution.

A lot of creators underestimate the importance of the elements in the viewer journey. Don’t make the same mistake!

Watch Lennon’s full channel review above.

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