Happy 2021! I know I’m a little late since it’s mid-February, but as some of you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been MIA for the last few months.

That’s because last October, I woke up in the middle of the night with the sharpest pain I have ever felt in my life.

It felt like I had swallowed a knife and my stomach was squeezing itself on top of it.

I woke up my wife and we were about to head to the ER when, thankfully, the pain subsided to where we could hold off on going to the ER that night and made it to a doctor’s office the next day.

After getting my vitals checked and answering a lot of questions, we figured out that stress was actually what was killing me.

Between pressure and expectations with family (my wife and I have had 7 kids in 8 years, all of which we homeschool) to having a growing business, it got to the point where my body just broke.

I knew at that point that something needed to change.

Even though I was a full-time YouTube creator and business owner, I knew this was a time I needed to say “no” and put what’s most important first.

So, I took a solid 3 weeks off and a few months off of creating content.

I learned how to exercise again.

I spent quality time with my family.

I went on lots of dates with my wife.

I woodworked.

And just spent time doing the things that filled me and gave me life again.

There’s definitely a time and place for “the grind” and hustling, but it took a health scare for me to realize you shouldn’t be doing that for 7 years straight.

Now that I’m back, I’m so much more energized, clear headed, and definitely going to be prioritizing a healthy work-life balance and time off along with hard work.

I’m so excited to be back, though, to serve creators just like you in new and fresh ways!

Our team has slowly been making the shift to being an educational company that provides services to a service company that provides education. We’ll share more about what that looks like in the future, but one of those services is our consultation calls.

We’ve been booked up months in advance and just brought on a new strategist, Ingrid, to create more availability for our clients and are in the process of hiring a new strategist as we speak!

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who reached out or checked in while I was out. I appreciate you and you can rest assured, myself and the Video Creators team are not going anywhere and we’ll be around to serve more creators and help you grow with video and change more lives. It’s going to be great!

Thanks for reading the official update! Let me know if there’s anyway my team and I can serve you today.

Keep changing lives,


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