As a YouTube creator, how frequently should you be publishing new videos to your channel every week? You publish enough to keep people engaged but not too many that they start to, you know, stop watching your videos because you’re just kind of spamming them now.

WillYouLaugh wrote and asked this,

“Can you talk about frequency of uploads? Is there too much a limit, two plus per day? Obviously, if the quality of the videos declined with the quantity, that would be a bad thing right?”

Good question, definitely something worth thinking about. My answer is basically, the frequency at which you upload doesn’t really matter except for a few things. One, the minimum should be once a week. Like if you don’t have a weekly schedule anyway, it’s really hard to keep your audience engaged. And if it’s every two weeks or worse yet, if you see it’s just unpredictable, is really hard to keep your audience engaged because they are not thinking about you. You’re not in front of them often enough.

But could you go up to 2 plus per day? Yes, absolutely. And there are many very successful YouTube channels that publish– like SourceFed, for example. They publish five videos per day, and they get away with that because one, the videos are all highly valuable to their target audience. Two, they communicate that. It’s part of their rhythm. When you subscribe, you kind of grow to expect five videos a day from them. So that’s not surprising and doesn’t turn people off when you see five videos a day in their subscription feed from that channel.

So for you, I would just say yes, make sure the quality of your content stays high. But by the quality, I don’t mean necessarily production value, although that can add a lot of credibility to your channel and to your brand, depending on what your goals are here. But two, the biggest thing to me though, is content value. Like is the content that you’re producing valuable enough that people would want to come and watch multiple videos from you every day.

Then the last thing I would consider is sustainability. How long can you produce two plus videos per day and still have sustained the quality, the production value quality, the content value quality, and the interaction and engagement with your viewers and your subscribers. And if you can continue to do all that equally as well, with publishing multiple videos per day, then I think it’s great. It’s fine.

Just make sure you communicate it well up front so that when people subscribe, they know what to expect. They know to expect multiple videos from you every day. They know like hey, you’re going to get one every morning and every evening, you know, at 7:00 PM or 8:00. Just make it so that the experience isn’t like a shock or a surprise.

I actually go into more detail about this and a lot of other things that influence a growing YouTube channel, and how to attract subscribers, and get the viewers engaged, and building community around your channel. I talk a lot more about all that in my book. It’s called “30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel” and it’s linked up below or around here in an annotation or interactive card somewhere.

Basically, it’s just a 30 day process that you can run your channel through, and optimize it so that your channel is as likely as possible as it can be to convert all your viewer’s into subscribers, and then to take those subscribers and form an interactive, dedicated community around your channel and your content. Check that out if that’s something you’re interested in.

But in the meantime, I’d really love to hear from you in the comments below about what advice you would have for this person and what have you found on your own channel? Does the frequency of uploads make a difference in your subscriber interaction, in your view counts, in your community? What advice would you have for how someone should go about determining a good frequency of upload. And if that something you’re wrestling with, thinking through right now, definitely read the comments down there. I know you will learn a lot from those people. Always really helpful feedback from the people here in the Video Creator’s community. I love it, I know you will too.