is attempting to pick up some slack here YouTube causes many creators to become a bit discouraged: making money from their videos. Adsense can definitely be lucrative for some, but others find it to be insufficient for making their content sustainable. So I interviewed the CEO of, Chris Pavlovski, about how works and how they can help creators earn up to 10x more money than they can on YouTube.

Chapters For This Video
0:38 – Why are creators frustrated with YouTube?
1:47 – How is Rumble attempting to address those issues?
3:29 – What happens after you upload a video to Rumble?
5:33 – How is it valuable for a creator to have their videos distributed to several platforms?
7:43 – What do I need to exclude from my videos for Rumble’s partners?
9:44 – How do videos for a small niche work on Rumble?
11:27 – What happens if Rumble chooses not to distribute a creator’s video?
13:26 – What are the 3 licensing options, explained in normal conversational English?
18:14 – How much more money can a creator make with Rumble compared to YouTube?
19:57 – Where can people ask more questions about Rumble?