Do you ever feel like if you could just get to _______ subscribers, then you’d be happier?

Make more money?

Be able to quit your day job?

Even creators with 100K+ subscribers run into “blocks” and get stuck when it comes to the growth of their channel.

My team and I want to help you BEFORE you get stuck or hit your plateau.

We want to keep you on the path to growth, so you can reach more people and change their lives on YouTube.

Here are .

  1. Focus on the business side of your channel. It’s easy to get into a rhythm of content creation, answering emails, and putting out fires. But it’s essential to create systems in place that allow you to work ON the business instead of IN the business. You can’t be the personality, answering emails, putting together sponsorships, support, managing your products/services, producer, editor, etc. Take the time to figure out what next steps you need to take to move forward in your business and spend less time feeling like you’re in a hamster wheel.
  2. Collaborate with other creators. The top creators are constantly cross-promoting each other’s audiences. We’re not saying to bug people that have millions of subscribers, but if you know of another creator who shares your target audience, it makes sense to collaborate and make a video together. It’s a fun way to build relationships with people with shared interests, the algorithm will start to suggest your videos to each other, and you can help expose each other to each other’s audience.
  3. Connect what’s known with what’s unknown. If you’re feeling stuck with your channel, it’s worth taking what’s unknown (you or your brand) and connecting it with something known. For example, we worked with a plastic surgeon who felt he wasn’t getting the results he wanted on YouTube. My team advised him to create reaction videos to the popular TV show Botched (where plastic surgery goes wrong) and he gained over 400K subscribers within 3 months. It doesn’t have to be this cut and dry, but it works!
  4. Revisit your target audience, value proposition, and primal branding elements. Hands down — these are the most important pieces of your channel and business. Once you’ve grown to 10K, 50K, or 100K+ subscribers, you probably have a good idea of who you’re creating videos for and the value you are providing. What happens though is as time passes, it may become more general/broad, so re-evaluating these foundations of your business can help your audience feel like everything you create is made specifically for them — which can actually help you grow even faster! It may also just be time for some updates. Think about how often musicians, TV shows, etc. reinvent themselves. They don’t go for a completely different sound, but they do have to do a “refresh” to stay relevant and continue to grow.
  5. Consider a pivot. What does version 2.0 of your brand or business look like? It’s important to do this before your brand declines or gets stale.
  6. Start experimenting with new ideas. We’re not saying to change your value, but before you’re getting tired or bored of your videos (or your audience is), it’s time to experiment with new ideas. How can you deliver the same value in a new and fresh way that you haven’t done before that holds your audience’s attention?
  7. Improve your storytelling abilities verbally and visually. Gone are the days where you can do well on YouTube if you knew how to hit record. Now, it’s all about who can tell the most engaging story and make the viewer feel something. That’s a hard skill to craft, but working on it will help you win in the long-term.

Which of these resonates with you or do you feel like you struggle with the most?

Hit ‘reply’ and let us know!

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