How are you?

We started back up with homeschool in the Schmoyer home a few weeks ago. We’ve got two 5th graders, one 2nd grader, one in Kindergarten, and two in pre-school!

It’s a busy, but fun time for us.

As the kids are growing, they need to adapt to the curriculum and learn new concepts. They need to be willing to have a growth mindset and work on things that may be hard for them in the moment, but when they’re willing to show up and learn, they always “get it” eventually (and it’s a proud dad moment for me when they do)!

What’s your mindset like when it comes to your YouTube channel?

It’s totally cool if you’re just a hobbyist and do it for fun. But if you’re business-minded and you want to make YouTube your full-time gig, you’ve got to have a different mindset around it to win. 

This week, I brought on life and creator coach Josh Zimmerman to the podcast to talk about how to have a CEO mindset when it comes to our YouTube channels to set us up for success. Here are some of his biggest takeaways.

  1. Work now to be successful in the future. Being relevant on YouTube doesn’t last long. Sure, there are YouTube creators who have been creating content online for 10+ years, but they haven’t been generating revenue or acting as a business that long. It’s important to use right now to set yourself up for success in the long-term. Whether that is you just starting a YouTube channel and creating content people actually want to see (and is valuable to them), so that you grow or you generating revenue through your content and investing it in something that can make you more income in the long-term. How will you build those pipelines of income? Capture those emails? Or capture momentum when your audience ages, goes in a different direction, etc?
  2. Separate yourself from your business. For many creators, their business is them. They’re a personal brand. That means there often isn’t an “off” switch. It’s not like a brick and mortar shop where you can go home and forget work. You’ve constantly got ideas going or maybe after work is the only time you have to film. Learning how to separate yourself from your business (not constantly being on social media or living for more likes) and not taking it personally when someone doesn’t like you is a big part of not only being successful on YouTube, but having healthy boundaries that allow you to have a healthy work-life balance.
  3. Know your why. Anyone that wants to become a creator CAN’T do it for the money. There’s no way you’ll stay motivated. When hardships come, you’ve got to have a mission and a vision driving you to keep making videos. This is why 96% of businesses fail before their 10th year in business. You can be part of the 4% of successful businesses if you are strategic and know why you’re doing what you’re doing.
  4. Celebrate the wins. We’ll often hear our clients say things like, “My channel only has 10,000 subscribers” or “I only got 30,000 views this week”. It’s easy to focus on vanity metrics, but remember that each one of those numbers is a real human being behind the screen whose life YOU are touching! Don’t take that for granted!

Which one of these steps are you going to start working on to have a CEO mindset? Hit reply and let us know.

Thanks for reading!

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P.S. Remember, you’re the CEO of your brand/business! Listen to the full podcast here to start acting like a CEO and making YouTube your full-time gig. 

Today, Josh Zimmerman, The Creator Coach, joins us to share more about what that mindset is, how to get it, and what it means for us as creators who are growing a business on YouTube. Learn more about Josh at

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