Remember when I told you a few emails ago that I went on a short sabbatical because I hadn’t had real time off in 7 years?

Not only was that time super rejuvenating for me, personally, and for my marriage (had to insert this picture of us horseback riding on my break because it was so fun!) but it’s given me the rest I needed to come back with the creative juices flowing to Video Creators!

I definitely want to prevent that burnout from happening again, though, so creating systems in place to help me work better is something that’s become really important to me.

In today’s podcast, I got to chat with my team about tools we use to better plan and track our work and the videos we use to get more views and growth on YouTube and in our business.

Here’s how we’re planning and working towards growing our business and YouTube channel.

  1. Pick a project management tool and make it work. There’s about a million different planning tools out there: Basecamp, Trello, Asana, ClickUp, etc. Each one offers it’s different benefits, but you don’t have to be a master to start. If you don’t know where to start, our team just switched to ClickUp and we love it! You can sign up for a free account and try it out for yourself here.
  2. Brain dump. Whether you choose a virtual tool or a physical planner, having an area to “dump” all your ideas onto is crucial to your sanity AND your creativity. When you remove ideas or to-dos from your head, you’re creating space for more creativity and the things that matter.
  3. Create buckets. Create buckets for your content on your platform. At Video Creators, we typically categorize videos into three types of content: discoverable, community, and sales content, where the goal of each is in the name. Once you create your buckets, you can start throwing out ideas under each bucket/category and just see what you come up with! You can also create more categories to help you further organize your content.
  4. Plan your content. Whether you want to script your video or just outline the content, it’s important to plan out your content, so you know exactly what to film and you’re not trying to piece it together in editing and realizing you forgot to film something. D’Laina, the Action Plan Director on our team, walks you through how to do this in the video above.
  5. Create a checklist template. What are the things you need to do for every video you publish? Do you need a thumbnail photo you need to shoot? Do you need to repurpose your video to Facebook or Instagram? Creating a checklist or template can ensure you don’t forget everything you need pre or post filming.

Do you have a system set up in place to plan your content on YouTube? Tools or templates you love?

Or are you just getting started with all this?

(No judgement because I am not the planning type.)

Let us know!

Keep changing lives,


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