At Video Creators, we often say good content should motivate, educate, and inspire. But what does that mean?

How do you make content that does all of those things?

Can I have a step-by-step guide please? 🙋

There are actually only two steps you really need to take to create content that resonates with your audience.

  1. Figure out: What problem are you trying to solve? No one consumes content unless it benefits them in some way. Most of probably started using YouTube to search for how to do something when our car broke down or we needed to learn how to replace an air filter, but as YouTube has progressed and has more entertainment and lifestyle content on the platform, those channels are solving someone’s problem of boredom or loneliness. Maybe they’re going through something difficult and they want to “escape” for a little bit to watch a video. The first step to take in creating video ideas your audience wants to watch is to figure out what your audience’s problems are.
  2. Take a problem and pair it with a story and a solution. When we give advice, we’re throwing information at someone. When we share our stories, we open a conversation and build a deeper relationship with someone. When you make yourself the main character of your story, but share with others how you solved your problem (which should be your audience’s problem), it makes someone feel like you’re telling their story too and like you completely understand what they’re going through.

I know storytelling is hard to put into practice. Lennon, our rockstar strategist and Growth Network Director, walks through some practical examples of what this looks like for any genre in this podcast.

Let us know how this method works out for you!

Are you loaded with content ideas yet?

Thanks for reading!

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