YouTube recently added the ability for you to delegate comment moderation to other of your loyal fans in your community, so that together your community that loves and supports you can help you keep your comment section clean. Today I want to walk you through the exact process of how this works and how you can promote others in your community to help you manage your YouTube comments.

There’s actually two places where you can add moderators.


Go to comments, just, when you’re logged in. And then you go next to any of the comments, go to the flag, just click the down button, and then click “add this user as a comment moderator”. So that’s one way to add them. Just find a comment they’ve already made and then just promote them that way.

2. Manual

The second way is to go over to your community settings, and then you can just manually add them in this way just by pasting their URL. I don’t recommend typing it. Make sure you paste to get the full thing. I’m going to invite my family’s vlogging channel, like that. And then click save.


  • They get sent an email that says, “hey, Schmovies. Lucky you. Video Creators has made you a moderator on their channel. As a moderator, you can now remove unwanted comments from videos posted on that channel. Comments you remove will be sent to the creator for their review.”
  • And you can click to view my channel. Find out more about moderating comments in the YouTube Help Center. Thanks YouTube Team.
  • As a comment moderator, I get three little dots now as extra menu options. I can report spam or abuse, or I can remove them completely.

How do moderators mark comments?

  • I can just click as a moderator. I can report it, which will open up a window and will report it to YouTube as a violation of their community guidelines. And that’s all there is to it.

Who should be a comment moderator?

  • So obviously, you’d want to give this to people that you know and trust, not just making random people comment moderators. You don’t want them to just ruin your community. You want them to make it better by removing the junk.

One of the things I love most about you guys, the Video Creators community, is that I actually have a very little comment cleaning I have to do. There is a lot of sub for sub stuff happening, but other than that, you guys are really great. But I still am promoting a lot of you guys that I see commenting regularly on every video that I’m publishing to comment moderator status, so keep an eye on that email if that happened to you.

Thanks for reading!

Here’s more details on adding comment moderators to your YouTube channel.