Feeling like your channel is stuck? There’s a solution! And it starts with some YouTube Analytics features that we know are the not-so-exciting ones. However, they are vital parts of YouTube strategy that can answer so many questions you have about your channel.

On this week’s podcast we answer your most burning questions:

1) How many of my viewers turn into subscribers?

The answer to this can be found by looking at your subscriber conversion rate.

YouTube Studio > Analytics > Advanced Mode > Subscription Status > Add subscribers gained > calculate percentage

If your non-sub views are over 50-60%, but conversion is less that 1-1.5%, then you’re not connecting with new viewers enough (UNLESS you’re posting successful shorts content.)

If conversion is high, but non-sub view is less than 50-60%, then you’re probably hitting the same audience again and again and it’s time to do something different to reach new viewers.

2) Do people just hate me?

YouTube’s analytics overview more often than not gives you a false sense of reality. With all the content together, it can look like your channel is doing worse than it actually it or better than it actually is. But there’s a way to fix that! Use your Publish Date Filter.

YouTube Studio > Analytics > Advanced Mode > Filter > Publish Date: select date range > adjust date range in top right to correspond with publish date date range

This is going to give you a much better view of what is actually happening on your channel.

3) What is holding me back?

The answer to this can be found, by harnessing the magic of the groups feature.

YouTube Studio > Analytics > Advanced Mode > Subscription Status > Add APV

This feature allows you to group together hand-selected content of your so that you can compare & contrast different topics, types of videos, thumbnail styles, title wording, almost anything!

If you do know about groups, but aren’t using them consistently, then this is your nudge – I challenge you to create groups of different styles of elements in your thumbnails to find what works better on your channel and start a routine of adding to those groups or creating new groups once a month.

4) How can I learn more about analytics?

Join us for s! It is now offered in a more flexible format, while still allowing for group interaction and direct contact with a YouTube Strategist.

5) My audience retention graph is good, but my views aren’t. What’s going on?

You need to check out your average percentage viewed BUT, you need to see them separated between subscribed & non-subscribed viewers.

YouTube Studio > Analytics > Advanced Mode > Subscription Status > Add APV

This will allow you to see if you’re actually reaching new people or if your dedicated fan base is watching through your videos.

6) What do my viewers want to see?

Other Videos Your Audience has Watched tells you the content that your viewers have most engaged with over the past 7 days. It’s often an endless pool of content ideas – or at the very least it challenges you to think of ways that you could play off of the other kind of content your audience likes to watch.

YouTube Studio > Analytics > Audience tab

I know analytics isn’t always SUPER EXCITING, but BOY can it help you succeed.

Hear us explain all of these in more depth on our podcast this week.

Keep changing lives,

Tim Schmoyer