ComScore reported that YouTube views are down 32% since this time last year, but what they’re actually reporting on is the page loads on the site, not actual views. Plus, they updated their algorithm and other things that account for the “declining” viewership on YouTube.

We also look at Vimeo’s new Video On Demand service and how the 10/90 revenue split actually works out when you do the math.

YouTube also updated the YouTube Capture app to work for the iPad and we discuss why you might want to download it even if you don’t use it to shoot videos. Turns out it’s still the best tool for uploading videos from your phone.

And we wrap it up with a look at YouTube’s plans for adaptive streaming, what it is, and why it will be good for mobile and television viewers, along with a look at TubeMogul’s data on the best time of day for ad favorability.

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