How are you doing? Picked up any new hobbies during all this time at home? My family and I are starting a new venture. Normally, my wife wouldn’t approve of me adding this to my calendar, but since I’m literally picking up 25 baby chicks… it’s probably fine.

That’s right, we’re getting ready to start a coop!

Let me know what you’ve been up to.

It’s been very cool to hear about so many families getting more time together and starting new hobbies.

Maybe some of you are taking this time to start new business ventures too.

Our team has gotten a lot of questions about different ways to make money on YouTube and how to do this FASTER. With everything going on, we want to help you support yourself and your family through your channel quickly so you can pay your bills and get food on the table.

My team and I took the majority of our livestream to directly answer questions from viewers like you on things like sponsorships, the YouTube partner program, creating merch, and different ways you can make money on YouTube!

Click here to watch or listen to the Q&A.

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading.

Keep changing lives,


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