Have you ever felt like this? You have this plan. Your channel is growing. You feel like your business is growing and everything is great, but it doesn’t feel as fulfilling as you thought it would. It turns out that the thing you wanted isn’t actually the thing you want anymore. Or maybe you feel like you’ll never be at the point of “success” because you can always be doing more.

The more creators we work with, the more we see this coming up and we want to help. A few weeks back, we did a podcast titled

To recap, the hustle mentality is the idea that you always have to be working. If you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backwards. The pressure is exhausting. The dream turns into feeling stuck. You can never take a break and it feels like a trap. They started this YouTube business to get time freedom and now they have even less time. A few weeks back we interviewed my financial advisors and they spoke on the fact that we all have 5 capitals that we need to have goals in. The listed them in order of least important to most.

  1. Financial Capital – Which is usually as deep as people’s goals get.
  2. Intellectual capital – What you know
  3. Physical Capital – Your body’s physical capabilities
  4. Relational Capital – The state of your relationships
  5. Spiritual Capital – Depending on your belief’s, maybe that’s your relationship with God or maybe that’s just your feeling of inner peace.

Most people simply pursue money, but it’s way easier to make a dollar than to make a livelong friend. And the friend is way more fulfilling than that dollar. But they talked about mapping out your goals and writing a vision statement because you have to know what the goal is in order to feel fulfilled.

We had so much response and follow up questions from this. So, today we are going to answer a couple of those questions.

How do I cast that vision statement for myself?

Your vision statement should be a compass. It should be so specific that it should tell you where your money is going, what you should be thinking about, and who you should be spending time with. It needs to be short and sweet and describe how you are going to affect others. And if it can apply to basically anyone, it’s not specific enough.

(Still struggling? My financial advisors have actually created a to help people with this process. Use promo code VIDEOCREATORS to get a 75% discount!)

How do you balance the 5 capitals?

We have to build capital from the bottom up. If someone is starving, they aren’t worried about peace in life. Although money and physical space is important for life, it is not going to make you feel fulfilled. Your spiritual and relational capital may suffer for a season, but that can not be the end goal.

Feeling imbalanced? Look over the capitals and decide which one is experiencing the most pain. Use those other capitals to alleviate that pain for a season. Perfect balance will never be met. It will always be a give and take.

When success in life and YouTube seems elusive, you need to decide what would success look like for me in relation to those 5 capitals. Ask yourself, “If I got that, what would that do for me?” “And if I got that, what would that do for me?” Keep asking until you get to the root of it all.

Still have questions about this or anything else? ! I’ll be answering all these questions on next week’s podcast.

Creator Spotlight

Before Josh Goldstein started working with us, he thought that the key to growing was having better production value or maybe better titles. Instead he learned that it was all about optimizing my videos for human connection. I have rethought my entire approach. He had a couple thousand subscribers and now has 30,000 subs. If you want some , reach out to us. We would love to help you too.

Power Tip

When you share a video on YouTube, there is a check box next to the copy option. When you click that checkbox, you can share that video, not just at the beginning but at the specific point that you want them to start watching.

Keep changing lives!

Tim Schmoyer