Tips and advice for mastering the YouTube platform so your videos perform to their maximum potential.

How To Boost your Live Stream Replays

When your livestream ends, for some creators the replay of that video performs much more poorly than a normal produced and uploaded video. Some creators believe that YouTube treats live stream archives differently than a normal video and

YouTube is Growing Up: What the future holds for creators

YouTube started as a little site of home grown video creators. Today it's positioning itself to compete with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Instant Video, among others. Does that create more opportunity for us as creators or just

Knowing When to Abandon YouTube and Move Elsewhere

Let's face it: YouTube hasn't been every creator's favorite place to develop an audience of subscribers and make money. There's issues with advertising, aka "adpocalypse," monetization, Google Adsense, discoverability, and just a lot of competition overall. How do

Why YouTube is cracking down on your external links

YouTube made a few updates last week, including one that means you can't link off of YouTube if you're not part of the partner program. But you can't join the partner program without 10,000 views. Why? Here's a