Tips and advice for mastering the YouTube platform so your videos perform to their maximum potential.

The Top 10 Skills You Need To Dominate YouTube

YouTube is much more competitive than it was when I first started uploading back in March 2006. Today, if you're serious about growing your channel and turning YouTube into your career, there are certain skills you need to

How Long It Takes To Be Successful On YouTube

One of the most common misconceptions about YouTube creators is how long it takes to "make it". Yes, there are those "unicorns" who seem to be overnight successes, but the reality for most people is that growing your

YouTube Strategy for Growing a Vlog Channel

When you're trying to grow a vlog channel, you need to be really clear on who your target audience is and what value you're providing for them. Your story needs to be something the viewer cares about. Because

When To Break The YouTube Rules We Teach

I have a lot of how-to tutorials to help you grow on YouTube, as well as some tips and advice to get more subscribers. So many of you have seen great results from implementing what you've learned here

How To Structure Your Videos For More Watch Time

The structure of your video plays a huge part in whether or not people will remain engaged... or click away. Today I'm walking you through a basic structure you can implement to gain traction and grow on YouTube.

The Human Elements That Grow Your Channel: Trailer

Recently I presented a session about how growing on YouTube isn't all about optimizing tags, file formats, etc. Instead, you need to tap into how people feel. Ultimately, it's the viewers who determine whether your videos will rank

How To Start A Movement On YouTube

Here at Video Creators we're all about reaching people and impacting their lives. It's our mission. If you really want to grow on YouTube (and beyond), you need to unite your audience around a shared belief. One of