Tips and advice for mastering the YouTube platform so your videos perform to their maximum potential.

How To Integrate Merch and Sales into your Videos

You can make a lot of money on YouTube by not only delivering good value to your audience through your videos, but by also delivering good value through merch you sell. Merchandise doesn't have to only be t-shirts,

3 Common Mistakes that Hinder New YouTube Creators

After working with almost 1,000 YouTube creators, I see many of them making the same common mistakes that make it difficult to grow a channel. Fortunately, they're easy to fix if you know that you're making the mistakes

How I Make my Videos Look Slick with Stock Footage

Special deal for viewers of Video Creators Stock video footage can be a great way to make high quality videos without having to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment, cameras, gear, and time. In this video

How To Grow a Community and Mobilize them for Action!

Evan Carmichael has grown his audience to almost 1 million subscribers in a short amount of time. His audience isn't just a number, though. It's a community of people that he mobilizes for action. Those actions include everything

How To Get More YouTube Subscribers with Channel Branding

According to YouTube Analytics, most people subscribe to a YouTube channel on the home page of the channel itself, so it's important that we optimize that page to convert new viewers into subscribers. There are several things on

?LIVE: Why You Shouldn’t Abandon YouTube Just Yet

Since many YouTube creators have seen their Adsense earnings drop as some advertisers leave as a result of #AdPocopypse, some creators are thinking now is a good time to abandon YouTube and move their audiences elsewhere. The thinking