Tips and advice for mastering the YouTube platform so your videos perform to their maximum potential.

Ignore The Algorithm. Grow Overnight like Peter.

Peter Hollens grew his YouTube channel primarily with factors outside of YouTube's algorithm. Yes, metadata like titles, descriptions, and tags are important, but Peter found that relationships, collaborations, and creating solid content that people notice and watch are

The Secret Behind Channels that Grow FAST!

The channels that are growing fast on YouTube often have a few things in common that's not immediately detected simply by looking at their titles, thumbnails, metadata, posting frequency, and production quality. There's a few things going on

How to Start Growing on YouTube, Sean Cannell Style 😉

Sean Cannell has grown a few different YouTube channels and joins us to share his best pro tips for growing a YouTube channel, getting views, gaining subscribers, and being discovered overall. His advice will help you learn how

A New (Easier) Way to Livestream on YouTube!

YouTube just announced a new way to live stream! It's super simple and easy to do with a webcam and microphone, although it does have some limitations. We'll discuss it today as well as some other updates on

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Grant Thompson has over 9 million YouTube subscribers on his channel, The King of Random. Today he shares some of his best tips for growing on YouTube, getting subscribers, and getting that initial growth when it's hard to

How Monetization Status Impacts Discoverability

A lot of creators think that if your video isn't monetized on YouTube that they won't make your videos searchable or discoverable. After all, they want to highlight videos that earn money, not videos that can't earn revenue,

Changing Directions with 1.5M Subs! YIKES!!

When Chelsea Crockett started her YouTube channel 7 years ago, she was a much different person with different interests, passions, and goals. Today she turns 20 years old and is exploring how she can change directions on her

How Chelsea Crockett got to 1.5M Subscribers

Like every YouTube creator, Chelsea Crockett started her YouTube channel with no views and no subscribers. She grew it over time with the videos she created just like everyone else. Here's some of her best YouTube tips and