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Soooo many new YouTube updates and features to review!

We have a lot of YouTube news and updates to discuss together here today! Check out Roberto's channel: LINKS MENTIONED TODAY YouTube Revamps Analytics Reports To Help Creators Better Understand Subscription Traffic YouTube Creator Studio Update Earn

Why I Don’t Care about YouTube Views

I know it sounds like a contradiction for me to say that I don't care about YouTube views when I have a channel and a business dedicated to helping people get more views, more subscribers, and more money

Common Problems that keep you Under 1,000 Subscribers

If you're trying to get more YouTube subscribers and views, but not seeing your channel gain any traction, there's a few common reasons why your channel may be stuck at under 1,000 subscribers. Many small YouTube creators blame

How To Revitalize your Old YouTube Videos

If you have older videos sitting on your YouTube channel that aren't getting views, there's a few things you can do to revitalize them and get them ranking well in Google again. You can update the titles, description,

How to get discovered on YouTube in 2017 [Ep. #83] After working with hundreds of YouTube creators over the past 10 years to successfully grow their YouTube channels, I took the basics of how to get discovered on YouTube and

How To Turn a Viewership Spike into 10x Growth!

When your channel gets a burst of views or a traffic spike in new views and subscribers, how you follow-up on that opportunity can make a big difference in how you grow your YouTube channel's views and subscribers.