There are 3 different ways to go full time on YouTube and make money on this platform. You can get paid from sponsors and advertisers or get paid from your viewers. Each system only works when your viewers either pay you or pay your sponsors. While I personally do both models, I think you can go full-time on YouTube much more quickly by having something of value that you sell directly to your viewers.

#1 – Monetize Your Audience

The first way is when you actually make your viewers your product– in a model that revolves around advertising, sponsorships, brand deals and AdSense. Access to your viewers– those people are the product that you’re actually selling to advertisers. These advertisers say, hey, we want those people’s eyeballs to see our stuff.
You can sell access, because this advertiser is going to pay you x amount of dollars because there are some people in your audience who actually pay the brand a lot more than what that brand is paying you. Now you do need a lot of eyeballs though for that transaction that makes sense for all parties involved.

#2 – Monetize Your Content

This is when viewers pay you directly for the content that you’re creating and providing to them and for them. This is very popular in sites like Patreon. And it’s basically, like saying, “hey, instead of some of you giving a lot of money to this brand and this advertiser, what if just many of you gave just like only $1 or two per video that I’m creating”. Or in another creator’s case, per music download that I’m creating or per art that I’m creating or per podcast episode or whatever the creator might be doing.

In that case what happens is it’s actually a lot more money stays in the pockets of the community as a whole collectively. The creator earns a lot more money than they would have through any other means. And in this situation it’s the creator’s job to actually keep their viewers happy.

#3 – Selling Your Own Products

A third model is when your products are actually your products, which make sense, right? This is when you are absorbing all the time, the cost, the resources it requires to create content and create videos for YouTube. And you are publishing them because you’re hoping to attract an audience of people who are ultimately, just to be honest, they are potential customers for your business.

You attract those potential customers, a.k.a. subscribers or viewers to your channel, because you’re offering high value content that’s earning trust, earning credibility. You’re building a relationship with these people. And over time, they’re getting to know that yes, this person I’m watching can solve this problem in my life and they have this product or this service whatever the case may be, that helps me address this problem or situation or thing in my life. And so now they turn into a customer of yours because of the efforts you did through your free content.

Out of those three options, I feel like the third one, the last one, is the easiest one to implement to go full time on YouTube as fast as possible if that’s your goal. I actually have a full podcast audio recording that goes way in depth into how I did this on this channel at Video Creators. It gives you all the details on how you can replicate it yourself on your channel and go full time.
Personally, I do all three of these here on Video Creators. I don’t think you have to just pick one or the other.

I do take AdSense.

I do brand deals and sponsorships.

I am also investing pretty heavily and into Patreon, not just because of the money side of it, but because its actually a really amazing tool for developing a community around your channel. The people who do want to take the next step with you and because they just love you and want to support your stuff.

And then I also have products and services that I sell. Either a one-on-one consultations or review people’s channels with them. Or I have e-books like 30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel. I have courses like Find Your Voice. Or a lot of other stuff that I am creating on my website at

Which of these three are you pursuing on your channel?

And which of these three would you like to pursue or learn more about for your channel?

Please comment below. I’m really looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say down there and hopefully, making more content in the future that will help you with one of each of these different strategies for turning your YouTube channel into a full-time income.

How To Make Money as a Small YouTube Creator



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