Optimizing for the Best YouTube Posting Frequency [Ep. #31]

There's a lot to consider when it comes to how often you publish new videos to your channel. Things like the algorithm, a viewer's tolerance for having you show up in their subscription feed, the amount of time it takes you to create videos, etc. But then you also need to consider if quantity of new videos is better than the quality of new videos. All those questions and more we'll discuss in this live stream.

LIVE: 20 YouTube Tips from 20 Creators!

I'm bringing together 20 YouTube creators who will each share a tip or an idea to help you continue to grow your YouTube channel and audience! Each of these creators will share some advice from their experience on

TUTORIAL: Add Comment Moderators to your YouTube Channel

You can now promote trusted viewers and YouTube subscribers to moderators on your channel to help you manage all the comments. In this tutorial I'll show you how to add comment moderators to your channel, how they remove and flag different comments for you, and what the whole process looks like from beginning to end for both your newly promoted moderators as well as for you, the creator.

12 YouTube Tips from 12 YouTubers [Ep. #17]

Get a lot of great YouTube advice and tips from these 12 YouTube creators! Each of them has a channel they're growing along with some tips that have been especially helpful to them as they continue to develop their audience.