How to Boost Engagement in your Live Streams

Live streaming is a great way to connect with your audience and build more meaningful relationships with them! However, you have to engage the audience first of all for there to be any interaction. That's often the most

YouTube is Giving your Viewers More Ways to Watch

YouTube is telling us what they see as their top priorities in 2018 so lets talk about that means for us as YouTube creators. Plus YouTube TV is now released on platforms like Roku and Apple TV. Let's

Post Photos, Polls to your YouTube Community Tab

YouTube's new Community tab lets you post photos, polls, links, videos, status updates, and more to your subscribers' subscription feed on YouTube. It's a new way to engage with your audience with other types of content than just

Lessons I’m learning about storytelling and engagement

Optimizing videos for YouTube doesn't only mean optimizing the metadata, but it also means optimizing the actual content itself. Titles, tags, descriptions, and thumbnails are all very important, but that info is what gets someone to click. The