How To Hook Viewers and Hold Their Attention Longer

If viewers are abandoning your YouTube videos very quickly so that you're not getting the watch time you need to have them rank better on YouTube, I'll show you how to fix that by avoiding a few common

TUTORIAL: The Easiest Way to Make a YouTube End Screen

Using an interactive end screen on your YouTube videos is important for not only engaging your viewers, but also for boosting the SEO value of your videos. Here's how to easily make a YouTube end screen with a simple tool from that saves you time, and also makes end screens possible for people who use video editors that don't provide the ability to make YouTube end cards in the first place.

3 YouTube Updates that Engage Mobile Viewers

YouTube made 3 big updates that impact how viewers engage with your videos on mobile devices! These changes apply to all iOS and Android devices and include things like multitasking and splitscreen on iOS, updated interface for YouTube Gaming, and a brand new YouTube Connect app for live streaming!