How To Get Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers (then more!)

There's a few reason why it's so hard to grow on YouTube when you're first starting out, but there's also a lot of good tips, tricks, and strategies that can help you grow your YouTube channel past your goal of 100 subscribers. In this video I'll share 7 tips for how to grow on YouTube and get more subscribers. You can do this!

How To Get Custom YouTube Subscription Notifications for Mobile and Email

When you subscribe to a YouTube channel you can customize the mobile and email notifications you get from YouTube about that channel's new videos! In this tutorial video I'll show you how to get custom alerts via email and mobile push notifications, as well as how to control what alerts you get from each channel you subscribe to.

The Unmatched Potential to Change Lives on YouTube

YouTube is more than views and subscribers -- it's people who are giving you their undivided attention. So the next time you take out your camera to shoot a video, ask yourself, "Why does this video matter? What difference do I hope this makes in someone's life?" There are people out there listening. Let's make the video count for more than personal validation and increasing sales.

How To Promote your Book to your YouTube Audience [Ep. #3]

Evan's book will be published next year and he's wondering how he can use his YouTube channel and his audience to promote the book leading up to the launch and after the launch. The rest of us full-time YouTubers have some ideas to share to help him and hopefully help you with of your own product launches, too.