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6 Elements of Titles People Actually Click

The title of your video shouldn't be an afterthought. It's one of the first things a potential viewer sees, and may determine whether or not they'll click to watch your video. It also tells YouTube what your video

Keyword Research Hack for Fast YouTube Growth

Keyword research can be an important part of your YouTube strategy. Knowing what people are searching for and what's currently trending can help your videos be found in search and the suggested feed, so they reach more people

Stephen’s Simple Strategy to Get 1 Million Subs

Like a lot of creators, when Stephen was first starting out he wanted to turn YouTube into his full-time career. He knew what type of content he wanted to create, and he knew he'd need to compete with

COMPLETE YouTube Stories Tutorial

YouTube Stories just rolled out to more channels and now you want to know how to use it, how to post video clips, photos, use filters, add music, trim your video clips, get comment notifications, and more. In

The Top 10 Skills You Need To Dominate YouTube

YouTube is much more competitive than it was when I first started uploading back in March 2006. Today, if you're serious about growing your channel and turning YouTube into your career, there are certain skills you need to

How Long It Takes To Be Successful On YouTube

One of the most common misconceptions about YouTube creators is how long it takes to "make it". Yes, there are those "unicorns" who seem to be overnight successes, but the reality for most people is that growing your

YouTube Strategy for Growing a Vlog Channel

When you're trying to grow a vlog channel, you need to be really clear on who your target audience is and what value you're providing for them. Your story needs to be something the viewer cares about. Because

How They Got 1 Million Subscribers: Season 02

In this 10 part series we'll be hearing from Shaun McKnight about the behind-the-scenes tactics and strategies he implemented to reach 1 million YouTube subscribers on on multiple channels. Watch the full series of, "How CuteGirlHairstyles Reached 1

An Alternative Way To Subscribe To Channels

Sometimes you can do everything right – you smash that subscribe button and you click that bell – and yet your favorite creators aren't showing up in your feed. As a result, you're missing out on all their awesome