How To Revitalize your Old YouTube Videos

If you have older videos sitting on your YouTube channel that aren't getting views, there's a few things you can do to revitalize them and get them ranking well in Google again. You can update the titles, description,

How To Get more YouTube Views on a Video’s First 24 Hours [Ep. #33]

It appears that the more views a new YouTube video gets within its first 24 hours, the better it may perform overall in search, suggested videos, subscription feeds, and more. But what contributes to getting that boost of views within the first 24 hours? We'll share some ideas of what makes a video perform well immediately after it's published as well as how to get more views on your new videos right after you publish it.

My Process for Brainstorming, Shooting, and Posting Videos

After publishing more than 3,000 YouTube videos, I have a process that works well for me to be consistent with brainstorming, shooting, and posting new videos. The process varies for other channels I'm a part of, but this is what it looks like for the Video Creators channel, including where I record my ideas, how I setup the camera and lights in my house, and tools I use to work with my video editor.

Reverse Engineering the YouTube Algorithm [Ep. #24]

Matt Gielen has spent the past year collecting data on how the algorithm works and how you can make it work for your channel. In this podcast he shares what he's learned and gives you actionable recommendations to increase watching, sharing and subscribing on your YouTube channel.

TUTORIAL: The Easiest Way to Make a YouTube End Screen

Using an interactive end screen on your YouTube videos is important for not only engaging your viewers, but also for boosting the SEO value of your videos. Here's how to easily make a YouTube end screen with a simple tool from that saves you time, and also makes end screens possible for people who use video editors that don't provide the ability to make YouTube end cards in the first place.