Why your YouTube Channel may be Growing SLOWLY

Nothing is as frustrating as pouring time, energy, and money into growing your YouTube channel only to see it very slowly grow and gain traction with views and subscribers. There's a few common mistakes that lead to slow

How To Get more YouTube Views on a Video’s First 24 Hours [Ep. #33]

It appears that the more views a new YouTube video gets within its first 24 hours, the better it may perform overall in search, suggested videos, subscription feeds, and more. But what contributes to getting that boost of views within the first 24 hours? We'll share some ideas of what makes a video perform well immediately after it's published as well as how to get more views on your new videos right after you publish it.

How To Easily Get More YouTube Views from Suggested Videos

There's an easy opportunity to get more YouTube views simply by dominating the traffic that comes from suggested and related videos on YouTube. Using branded thumbnails can make your videos stand out from all the other videos being suggested around it and will bring more YouTube views and traffic to your videos. In this tutorial I show you how to use branded thumbnails to increase your YouTube views and grow your videos.