The Challenges of Raising Children as YouTube Stars

Raising children as YouTube Stars has some unique challenges. As parents of children on YouTube, Brandon Crockett and I discuss some of those unique challenges, as well as some of the benefits of raising children who have more

REVIEW: The Best Vlogging Camera 2016 | Canon G7X Mark II

The Canon G7X Mark II is the best vlogging camera for YouTube in 2016! In my camera review, I show you what's great about it, how it works, the best image stabilization settings, and more, based on my experience of using it for vlogs on YouTube. There's 7 things that make this the best vlog camera, but there's also 7 drawbacks to the Canon G7X Mark II that you should know before you start using it for vlogging. We review all of those things here together.

The Unmatched Potential to Change Lives on YouTube

YouTube is more than views and subscribers -- it's people who are giving you their undivided attention. So the next time you take out your camera to shoot a video, ask yourself, "Why does this video matter? What difference do I hope this makes in someone's life?" There are people out there listening. Let's make the video count for more than personal validation and increasing sales.