Tips and advice for mastering the YouTube platform so your videos perform to their maximum potential.

How to Make Advertiser-Friendly Videos for YouTube 💵

Advertisers on YouTube want to display their ads on videos that feel safe for them. They don't want their advertisement to be associated with videos that are racy, promote hate, violence, drugs, and things like that. However, that

Why your YouTube Channel may be Growing SLOWLY

Nothing is as frustrating as pouring time, energy, and money into growing your YouTube channel only to see it very slowly grow and gain traction with views and subscribers. There's a few common mistakes that lead to slow

🔴 LIVE: Watch me edit tomorrow’s video!

You guys said at the end of our last live stream that after watching me shoot the video live you'd like to also see the behind-the-scenes of me editing the video. So here you go! :)