Tips and advice for mastering the YouTube platform so your videos perform to their maximum potential.

Chill Q&A and a way to submit future Qs

Call-in to my Anchor station and ask your questions there for on-going Q&A, discussions, and YouTube ideas all month long (sponsored). SORRY THIS VIDEO ENDED! YOUTUBE IS HAVING ISSUES WITH LIVE STREAMING. WE CONTINUED IT HERE.  

How To Optimize your Thumbnails for More Clicks

One of the biggest factors in getting more views and subscribers on YouTube is creating videos with thumbnails people want to click and watch. There's a few graphic design principles that go into making clickable YouTube thumbnails so

How To Beat Discouragement on YouTube

When your channel isn't growing as fast as you'd like, it's easy to become discouraged. Not getting more views and more subscribers on YouTube when you pour a lot of time and energy into your videos is disheartening

Top Pitfalls that will End your YouTube Career

A lot of creators give up on YouTube or run into problems with their channels or personal lives that cause them to quit. If you want to be making videos on YouTube for a long time to come,

How To Get YouTube Subscribers with your Channel Art

Most people subscribe to a YouTube channel by clicking on the red subscribe button on the front of the channel page. That means that it's important to design our channel's header image in a way that makes it