How To Grow Your Channel with Paid Promotion

When creators want to grow their YouTube channels they sometimes turn to paid promotion campaigns on YouTube through Google Ads. While it's not always the most effective way of growing your channel, here's a few ways to run

Expect to Suck on YouTube

In our final episode with Evan Carmichael on how he reached 1 million subscribers, he talks about how he believes that we need to expect to suck on YouTube, at least in the beginning. We sometimes go into

How To Boost Audience Retention for More YouTube Views

In order to get more YouTube views and subscribers, you need to be able to hold a viewer's attention so you get more watch time and increase audience retention. Otherwise, you'll publish videos that don't garner a positive

This Channel Trailer Tweak Helped Evan Get 1 Million Subs

Channel trailers are your opportunity to pitch your channel to a non-subscribed viewer. Traditionally creators put a video there that pitches their channel, which works very well for a lot of people. However, Evan decided to put a

My Experiment to Boost Audience Retention

My team and I have been evaluating how different backgrounds in my videos impact audience retention and watch time on my videos. We've found a similar theme among those videos and am investing into an idea that we

How To Add a Bonus Subscribe Button to your Videos

In his journey to 1 million subscribers, Evan Carmichael found that using his channel's branding feature allowed him to add another subscribe button to his videos, which led to a bump in subscribers. You should test this and