How To Hire and Build a Team Around your YouTube Channel [Ep. #38]

The fastest growing and most successful YouTube channels are no longer one-man shows. While it's still possible to grow by yourself, it's a lot easier and more productive to find and hire a team to support your channel, the videos you create, the community you're developing, and the business that surrounds all of it. In this live stream we'll discuss our process for finding, hiring, and building a team around our YouTube channels.

How To Avoid Burnout on your YouTube Channel

It's easy to feel burnout as a YouTube creator when you don't see the growth you want from your videos or if you've just overextended yourself with too much work. It's common for creators to go through phases of feeling like they lost the passion they once had for their YouTube channel. How do you beat the discouragement and frustration and get the passion back so you can continue to publish new videos that serve your viewers well? I'll give you 5 ideas for that here in this video.

How To Legally Download YouTube Videos

It's tempting to download videos from YouTube to either watch later or to use as a part of your own video projects, but doing so does introduce some legal issues you need to consider. If you want to download YouTube videos legally to watch later, using YouTube Red is the best way to go.

My Process for Brainstorming, Shooting, and Posting Videos

After publishing more than 3,000 YouTube videos, I have a process that works well for me to be consistent with brainstorming, shooting, and posting new videos. The process varies for other channels I'm a part of, but this is what it looks like for the Video Creators channel, including where I record my ideas, how I setup the camera and lights in my house, and tools I use to work with my video editor.

How To Get Custom YouTube Subscription Notifications for Mobile and Email

When you subscribe to a YouTube channel you can customize the mobile and email notifications you get from YouTube about that channel's new videos! In this tutorial video I'll show you how to get custom alerts via email and mobile push notifications, as well as how to control what alerts you get from each channel you subscribe to.

3 Mistakes to Becoming a Full-Time YouTube Creator

If you're just starting out as a YouTube creator and your goal is to earn a full-time income from the site, then avoid these common mistakes that new creators make. They'll make it difficult for you to grow your channel and eventually reach your goals.