How To Turn Your Music Channel into a Career

Peter Hollens has almost 2 million YouTube subscribers. He's a full-time YouTube creator who makes music videos and shares some of his best, pro tips for turning your YouTube channel into your career as a musician. Growing a

Making Money when YouTube Takes it Away

It's time to talk about the Youtube monetization changes and whether or not this Youtube policy change is going to effect the income of small Youtube creators. The Youtube 2018 monetization change states a Youtube channel now needs

Demonetization and Channel Terminations. Grrrrr….

There's sooooo much going on in YouTube world right now about everything YouTube is doing to demonetize and terminate channels. It's heartbreaking even for me to hear it from friends and creators who have had years of time,

Nooo!! YouTube DEMONETIZED!! Your Qs with As

Thanks to advertisers wanting more control over what videos their ads are displayed against, YouTube is cracking down on videos that are "not suitable for all advertisers." Many videos are being demonetized or seeing limited ads, thus decreasing

?LIVE: Why You Shouldn’t Abandon YouTube Just Yet

Since many YouTube creators have seen their Adsense earnings drop as some advertisers leave as a result of #AdPocopypse, some creators are thinking now is a good time to abandon YouTube and move their audiences elsewhere. The thinking

How To Make a LOT More Money with a YouTube Team

Once you start making money on YouTube you'll hit a "bottleneck" where your income is capped along with the time you give to your YouTube channel. You'll have more business opportunities and ideas to implement than you have