How to Promote Merch, Sponsors, and Patreon to your YouTube Audience [Ep. #42]

It's important to make money from your YouTube audience because that's what allows you to continue to focus on serving that audience well, but how you go about making money can make all the difference in whether your actually do make money or not. Tonight we'll share some of our tips, ideas, and lessons we've learned for how to best promote merchandise, sponsors, and Patreon to your YouTube audience.

How I Make Money on YouTube (and you can, too!)

Let me show you exactly how I make money on YouTube. I earn enough money to support my family and a small team of other people through this channel and I'll give you a break-down of where the money comes from, including Adsense, how I earn it, and how you can make money to earn a full time income on YouTube, too.

My thoughts on YouTube’s Demonetization #YouTubeIsOverParty

The #YouTubeIsOverParty hashtag has been trending due to YouTube's demonetization of videos that are apparently not advertiser safe. I feel like a lot of other people expressed similar thoughts as mine, so I didn't jump in right away, but enough of you are still asking about my perspective, so here's a brief overview of what I think, including a few thoughts I don't feel are being mentioned as much.

Brands vs. Creators. Who Misunderstands the other More?

It's unfortunately common for YouTubers to complain about how brands don't understand creators, but brands have spent millions of dollars here and worked with a lot of creators by now. Is that sentiment still true, and if it is, what impact does that attitude have on the relationship between brands and creators overall? We'll discuss all that in a live stream here!

4 Strategies that Guarantee YouTube Growth

Anyone who's a creator on YouTube wants to know the answer to this question: How do I grow my audience on YouTube? It makes sense because no one wants to invest countless hours into creating videos and feel like they're not actually reaching people. We want people to see our videos. We want them to change lives, influence people, and even financially support us. As a certified YouTube consultant and a YouTuber myself, this is a question I wrestle with a lot, both on my own channels and my client's channels. However, after being active in the space for the past seven years and being a part of many successful channels, I've learned that the answer to that question isn't based solely on implementing a bunch of YouTube tips and best practices. That helps, of course, but YouTube growth often comes from strategically wrestling through a series of other questions first.

The 6 Basic Revenue Streams of Top YouTubers

Top YouTubers earn money from several sources outside of Adsense, including merchandise sales, brand deals, live events, and more. Let's run through those 6 basic revenue streams and discuss how you can implement them on your own YouTube channel to earn more money so you can continue to grow your team and reach more people with your message.