How I Make my Videos Look Slick with Stock Footage

Special deal for viewers of Video Creators Stock video footage can be a great way to make high quality videos without having to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment, cameras, gear, and time. In this video

? LIVE: Watch me edit tomorrow’s video!

You guys said at the end of our last live stream that after watching me shoot the video live you'd like to also see the behind-the-scenes of me editing the video. So here you go! :)

Top YouTube Gear for Any Budget [Ep. #9]

Whether you’re just starting your channel and looking for inexpensive, quality suggestions, or you’ve been growing your channel for a while and are ready for a change, we have product suggestions and shooting tips that will be sure to make a huge difference in your video quality, performance, and audience’s response.

How To Work with a Video Editor on your Team

If you're just starting to work with a video editor, here are the tools we use to share our video files, stay organized, and communicate about each of them. We also discuss 10 tips on how to best work and communicate with your video editor so your relationship is effective and efficient.