Pro Tips on Editing Better Videos with Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a very powerful video editing tool. It can feel a bit overwhelming when you first get started with it, so Kelsey teaches people how to best use the software to edit better videos. Today

How To Optimize your End Screen for Clicks

One of the most valuable traffic sources on your channel are the end screens. They often lead to much more watch time per viewer than any other traffic source on your channel. Just look at the "average view

My Step-by-Step Process for Creating a YouTube Video

After making thousands of YouTube videos over the past 12 years, I've tried many different processes for how to consistently make YouTube videos on a regular schedule for my various channels. In this video I show you my

5 Design Hacks for More Thumbnail Clicks

If you want to get more clicks on your Youtube videos you got to focus on the thumbnail you are creating for your videos and have a clear thumbnail strategy when creating it. Your custom thumbnail must leave

My Process of Writing Clickable Video Titles

Writing a good catchy title for your Youtube videos could determine how many views you actually get on your videos. But how do you know if your video title is good or not? Plus learn how I write

How To Make a Slick Animated Intro without Software

SPONSOR: Check out RenderForest Use the code VIDEOCREATORS for 10% off any annual subscription plans. Expires December 17, 2017. It's important to make your videos look good, clean, and professional. Using animation and motion graphics is a great

How I Make my Videos Look Slick with Stock Footage

Special deal for viewers of Video Creators Stock video footage can be a great way to make high quality videos without having to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment, cameras, gear, and time. In this video

? LIVE: Watch me edit tomorrow’s video!

You guys said at the end of our last live stream that after watching me shoot the video live you'd like to also see the behind-the-scenes of me editing the video. So here you go! :)