Updates on what’s changing in the online video industry and what it means for those of us who are video creators.

The Latest YouTube Announcements from CES!

At CES last week YouTube made several announcements concerning the state of YouTube overall, as well as a few features that are coming to the platform. Let's discuss them here together in a LIVE format. It starts at 11:30am EST US time!

Unboxing my Silver Play Button from YouTube!!

So crazy to think that in 1 year this channel grew to 10,000 subscribers. By the end of year 2, it had 8x that audience, and halfway through year 3 we're well passed 100,000 subscribers! That's a lot of people who said, "Ya know what, I don't hate you enough to not click that little red button." haha

What YouTube Thinks about Facebook’s Video Growth

A VP at Google shared his thoughts on what they think about Facebook Video and personally, I tend to agree. What do you think, though? Should YouTube be concerned that Facebook Video will take over and become the most dominate online video platform?

Video Discoverability Now Including Manual Curation?

It's another project where YouTube is creating a space that utilizes video curation into a "come and browse" setting instead of being focused purely on search and discovery. Are they going more of a Netflix route with how people want to find and watch videos?