Updates on what’s changing in the online video industry and what it means for those of us who are video creators.

What YouTube Thinks about Facebook’s Video Growth

A VP at Google shared his thoughts on what they think about Facebook Video and personally, I tend to agree. What do you think, though? Should YouTube be concerned that Facebook Video will take over and become the most dominate online video platform?

Video Discoverability Now Including Manual Curation?

It's another project where YouTube is creating a space that utilizes video curation into a "come and browse" setting instead of being focused purely on search and discovery. Are they going more of a Netflix route with how people want to find and watch videos?

Video Discoverability may Radically Change This Summer

YouTube is rolling out a new way to discover the best videos and live streaming events in the video gaming niche in an attempt to lure creators away from Twitch. It's the first time they've taken it upon themselves to attempt to curate content for you (beyond suggested videos, of course).

How To Watch YouTube Videos in 2x Speed

YouTube has a new player that's available for us to test! It includes new features like watching videos in double speed or even slowing down the playback so we can watch them slower.