Updates on what’s changing in the online video industry and what it means for those of us who are video creators.

YouTube Heroes and Community Tab: Will They Flop?

The new YouTube Heroes program has brought some criticism from the YouTube community saying that giving flagging and moderation control to the community at large is a terrible idea. Will all these new updates work well or flop? Good question. Here are my thoughts.

My thoughts on YouTube’s Demonetization #YouTubeIsOverParty

The #YouTubeIsOverParty hashtag has been trending due to YouTube's demonetization of videos that are apparently not advertiser safe. I feel like a lot of other people expressed similar thoughts as mine, so I didn't jump in right away, but enough of you are still asking about my perspective, so here's a brief overview of what I think, including a few thoughts I don't feel are being mentioned as much.

TUTORIAL: Add Comment Moderators to your YouTube Channel

You can now promote trusted viewers and YouTube subscribers to moderators on your channel to help you manage all the comments. In this tutorial I'll show you how to add comment moderators to your channel, how they remove and flag different comments for you, and what the whole process looks like from beginning to end for both your newly promoted moderators as well as for you, the creator.

How To Loop a Video on YouTube

YouTube has a new feature that lets you automatically loop videos. When the video gets to the end it will automatically replay and start at the beginning again. This is especially useful if you want to listen to your favorite song over and over again on YouTube. (It's probably not bad for watch time either!) I'll show you how to use YouTube's new loop feature.

The Latest YouTube Announcements from CES!

At CES last week YouTube made several announcements concerning the state of YouTube overall, as well as a few features that are coming to the platform. Let's discuss them here together in a LIVE format. It starts at 11:30am EST US time!