Updates on what’s changing in the online video industry and what it means for those of us who are video creators.

The Key That Turns The YouTube Grind Into Success

When you're trying to grow on YouTube, it's easy to get sucked into the hamster wheel. Even when you've already got a lot going on in your life, the pressure is always there to make more content. After

Thumbnails that get 1 Million YouTube Subscribers

Thumbnails make a huge difference in how well your YouTube videos perform. It doesn't matter how amazing your videos are if no one is enticed to click on them in the first place. So, Shaun McKnight, the dad

The First Step for Getting 1 Million Subscribers

Obviously we need to make good videos for our YouTube channel, but how do you know if the videos are good enough to help you grow, even grow to 1 million subscribers? Shaun McKnight from Cute Girls Hairstyles

Telling a good story is waaayyy harder than it looks

In my journey to learning to tell good, meaningful stories, I'm discovering that it's a much harder skill to learn than I expected. Learning the mechanics of editing and even video production is pretty straight-forward, but learning how

Expect to Suck on YouTube

In our final episode with Evan Carmichael on how he reached 1 million subscribers, he talks about how he believes that we need to expect to suck on YouTube, at least in the beginning. We sometimes go into

How To Boost Audience Retention for More YouTube Views

In order to get more YouTube views and subscribers, you need to be able to hold a viewer's attention so you get more watch time and increase audience retention. Otherwise, you'll publish videos that don't garner a positive