How To Optimize your Videos for Mobile Viewers 📱

On my family's YouTube channel, 92% of our audience watch on a mobile device or a tablet. As YouTube becomes more and more heavily watched on mobile devices, such as iOS, iPhones, and Android phones, it's more and

How To Grow a Community and Mobilize them for Action!

Evan Carmichael has grown his audience to almost 1 million subscribers in a short amount of time. His audience isn't just a number, though. It's a community of people that he mobilizes for action. Those actions include everything

How To do a Mobile Live Stream on YouTube

In this tutorial I'll show you step-by-step how to use the mobile live streaming feature, how to set it up, start your stream, moderate the live chat, super chats, and more.

3 YouTube Updates that Engage Mobile Viewers

YouTube made 3 big updates that impact how viewers engage with your videos on mobile devices! These changes apply to all iOS and Android devices and include things like multitasking and splitscreen on iOS, updated interface for YouTube Gaming, and a brand new YouTube Connect app for live streaming!

Random YouTube Q&A with you NOW!

I'm testing out the Wirecast Go app for live streaming to YouTube from my phone. Let's do some live Q&A and see how it holds up.

Does YouTube Take All Revenue from Mobile Views?

Some creators think that YouTube takes 100% of the money earned from ads on mobile views. It's stated as fact on discussion forums, reddit, and other places. However, I cannot find any actual documentation that states that this is the case.