The State of Brand Deals on YouTube [Ep. #77]

As YouTube continues to mature, so do the channels and brandĀ dealsĀ happening on the site. We're reaching a stage where some things are becoming somewhat common on YouTube and standards are starting to

How to Make Advertiser-Friendly Videos for YouTube ?

Advertisers on YouTube want to display their ads on videos that feel safe for them. They don't want their advertisement to be associated with videos that are racy, promote hate, violence, drugs, and things like that. However, that

Advanced YouTube: Earn $10k per sponsor, manage your community, and host events W/Antonio Centeno [Ep. #34]

It's time to dig into some more advanced YouTube tactics and business strategies. Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real Men Real Style, shares with us how he earns $10,000 per YouTube sponsor, how he manages a community of over 200 YouTube comments every day, and how to go about starting a conference or live event for your community. It's all very helpful advice for YouTube creators who have a sizable audience that they're monetizing and managing.

How YouTube Pros Collaborate with Each Other [Ep. #16]

Collaborations are probably THE fastest way to grow your YouTube channel and get an entirely new influx of new subscribers. But they do require work and simply going up to another creator and asking for some cross-promotion will probably not get you the results you want. Amy is in the hotseat and together we all discuss how we do our best collaborations, how we connect with channels larger than us, and ideas for how you can do effective collaborations on your channel.