Build Your YouTube Business with Me at Adobe HQ!

In this advanced YouTube track you'll learn how to create a business around your own YouTube audience in ways that serve your viewers well, grow your channel, and exponentially increase your income.

How To Manage Your Time and YouTube Team [Ep. #36]

Managing a YouTube channel is hard enough, but when you start adding the complexity of managing a team of people who support your channel's business, it becomes even more complex. Instead of just managing your channel, you now also have to manage other people, as well.

Sorrow of the Solo-Entrepreneur: Finding Joy in Working Alone [Ep. #32]

Whether your transitioning from working in a traditional office space, or working from home part time as you grow your YouTube channel, working from home can be challenging to adapt to. Today I'm joined with my business manager, Catherine who will be speaking to some of the challenges she has faced in her transition from working in a small business, to working from her apartment! We'll also share some practical ways to avoid feeling isolated, stay motivated, and most importantly, enjoying the freedom of working remotely!

How To Go Full Time on YouTube

There are 3 different ways to go full time on YouTube and make money on this platform. You can get paid from sponsors and advertisers or get paid from your viewers. Each system only works when your viewers