Doing Brand Deals vs. Growing your Own Brand [Ep. #43]

There's a delicate balance as a YouTube creator in knowing how much you should focus on growing your own brand versus focus on growing your opportunities to do brand deals with other companies. You can do both, but you only have so many opportunities to sell something to your viewers.

How to Promote Merch, Sponsors, and Patreon to your YouTube Audience [Ep. #42]

It's important to make money from your YouTube audience because that's what allows you to continue to focus on serving that audience well, but how you go about making money can make all the difference in whether your actually do make money or not. Tonight we'll share some of our tips, ideas, and lessons we've learned for how to best promote merchandise, sponsors, and Patreon to your YouTube audience.

Advanced YouTube: Earn $10k per sponsor, manage your community, and host events W/Antonio Centeno [Ep. #34]

It's time to dig into some more advanced YouTube tactics and business strategies. Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real Men Real Style, shares with us how he earns $10,000 per YouTube sponsor, how he manages a community of over 200 YouTube comments every day, and how to go about starting a conference or live event for your community. It's all very helpful advice for YouTube creators who have a sizable audience that they're monetizing and managing.

Ideas for Growing your Patreon Income and Community [Ep. #30]

Since Patreon is important to me here at Video Creators as well as to many of you, I talked with two other people who have grown successful communities on Patreon to talk with them about their best tips and advice for other creators who are doing the same.