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400 to 100,000 Subscribers in 10 Months

The next session of Video Labs starts January 2, 2019! Register now for one of the 27 spots available: https://courses.videocreators.com/courses/video-labs Growing your YouTube channel can be tough. Join together with a small, intimate group of other creators, led

Your Audience Wants These 3 Things

Our audience wants consistency from us, but it's important to understand why and how it impacts your channel growth. As well as that, when we think of consistency we tend to assume that it means just posting on

Using Real-Time Data To Reach 1 Million Subs

When we talk about stats and data it's easy to just look at numbers like subscriber count, watch time, revenue, etc. Even when we dive into analytics, many of us just look at the various graphs and charts

How They Used This Graph To Grow To 1 Million Subs

Although analytics can be daunting, they're an essential part of your strategy if you want to get 1 million subscribers on YouTube. You can clearly see what people are engaging with, so you can create more of that

Use This Editing Style To Keep People Watching

You can have excellent titles and thumbnails but if your content is poor, people will click away. This will send a negative signal to YouTube, who will stop pushing your videos in search and suggested feeds. So how

How To Grow Viewer Loyalty, Not Just Views

Branding plays a huge role in helping you stand out in the crowd on YouTube. When most people think of branding, they think of the channel art, the profile icon, colours, graphics, etc. But Stephen figured out how

How Stephen Sharer got 5 Million Subscribers [Trailer]

Season 3 of, "How They Got 1 Million Subscribers," is starting next week! We'll have a new episode with Stephen Sharer every weekday for two weeks starting on December 3rd. Stephen grew to a few million subscribers very

How Long It Takes To Be Successful On YouTube

One of the most common misconceptions about YouTube creators is how long it takes to "make it". Yes, there are those "unicorns" who seem to be overnight successes, but the reality for most people is that growing your