Updates on what’s changing in the online video industry and what it means for those of us who are video creators.

YouTube Employee Dispels Tag Myth

A common myth among YouTube creators is that it's a good idea to copy tags from other videos that you want to be related next to as a suggested video. A product manager of search and discovery on

What YouTube’s New Policies Mean For You

YouTube released more updates to their Community Guidelines over the weekend and they are giving us additional steps on how they may go beyond their channel strike system if you post content that falls outside of their Ad-Friendly

AmazonTube may be YouTube’s next Competitor

Since Amazon has registered the trademark "AmazonTube" what does this mean for us as Youtube creators. Links discussed: - Is Amazon Gearing up to Create their Own YouTube? - Amazon filed for ‘AmazonTube’ trademark after Google pulled YouTube

The Future of YouTube is Changing. Here’s how.

A lot is changing on YouTube. It used to be a site where you shoot, edit, and uploaded produced videos. That's still the central focus of the site, but YouTube is introducing new features that indicate a new