YouTube is Growing Up: What the future holds for creators

YouTube started as a little site of home grown video creators. Today it's positioning itself to compete with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Instant Video, among others. Does that create more opportunity for us as creators or just

Sorrow of the Solo-Entrepreneur: Finding Joy in Working Alone [Ep. #32]

Whether your transitioning from working in a traditional office space, or working from home part time as you grow your YouTube channel, working from home can be challenging to adapt to. Today I'm joined with my business manager, Catherine who will be speaking to some of the challenges she has faced in her transition from working in a small business, to working from her apartment! We'll also share some practical ways to avoid feeling isolated, stay motivated, and most importantly, enjoying the freedom of working remotely!

Top 6 YouTube Tips from 6 YouTube Creators

While hanging out with some other YouTube experts and YouTube creators, I ask them to quickly give you a YouTube tip for improving and growing your channel. There's a wide range of advice here that I'm sure many of us will find helpful. I'm looking forward to reading your tips in the comments of this video! Share with each other and help each other out.

Success on YouTube: How we Set Goals and Achieve Them [Ep. #17]

Success on YouTube doesn't come accidentally. Most of the time it's intentionally planned and carefully mapped out. As full-time YouTubers, we'll discuss how we set goals for our channel and overall success and how we achieve the milestones we set for ourselves.

LIVE: 20 YouTube Tips from 20 YouTubers!

I just completed an amazing 10 weeks with these 20 creators in my hands-on, intensive YouTube audience development course called, Video Labs! Today we want to hang out with you LIVE and share some tips and advice that will help you grow and develop your own YouTube channel.